Filming Myself Drawing

Millie Ho Cat Drawing

Yes, that’s fish.

I filmed myself drawing recently. I was in a hotel, there were square pieces of paper on the desk, the pen was extra smooth, and something just clicked.

I drew cats because I know them best.

Millie Ho Fresh Cat illustration

Monocles add more freshness.

Since I was a kid, my mother would get me to draw her cats on her birthday, my birthday, and all Canadian public holidays. While she didn’t draw herself, she was my first art collector and art critic. In the hotel room, away from Toronto, I thought of home, and this happened.

I wrote about the satisfaction of drawing with a pen earlier, and the video below documents how this happens.

The goal was to draw fresh cats. Y’know, cats that are mint. Kind of like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with triangle ears and a VIP pass to a Tyler, The Creator concert.

Lessons Learned From Filming Myself Drawing

1. Shoulder-height camera angles work the best.
2. Filming with an iPhone is good, but an iPhone and a tripod is even better.
3. The light source should be higher than a desk lamp an inch above your head.

What do you think? Should I do a digital illustration YouTube video next?

28 thoughts on “Filming Myself Drawing

  1. steve says:

    Did you have the camera strapped to your head like a miner’s light? It’s amazingly still, other than few minor squiggles probably caused from heart beats. That was great. Amazing to see a sketch come to life like that.

  2. elmediat says:

    Well done Millie. Passing this one on to family & friends. 🙂
    Thanks for supporting my blog. I finally got back access to commenting on fellow bloggers’s posts after a two -week glitch. Need to get caught up now. 😀

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