Drawing With Copic Markers

Crazy I'm So Joy Illustration Millie Ho

Copic markers are insanely fun to draw with. They’re a Japanese marker brand with mixable and non-toxic ink, and I’ve spent hours illustrating emotionally disturbed and anatomically incorrect creatures with my set.

You can literally draw anything with them. Inspiration can be derived from

1. Band-aids

Asphyxiating Illustration Millie Ho

2. Aggressive cats

White Cat Illustration Millie Ho

3. Russian waifs

Well Blond Boy illustration Millie Ho

and, inevitably,

4. Childhood (Freud is doing the can-can in his grave)

Childhood Illustration Millie Ho

A feature I really like about these markers is that they’re two-tipped.

Millie Ho holding copic markers

The medium broad is used for shading, while the super brush tip fills in the details. Given that I’m lazy and don’t want to keep switching between different markers for different illustrating needs, this is a huge convenience.

Copics also help with brainstorming.ย If I need to work out a storyline or characterization problem, I’ll draw a character and colour him/her in repeatedly.

Millie Ho Copic Markers Illustration

This takes your mind away from the tedium of plotting, refocuses your efforts on the more enjoyable parts of patchwork creation, and makesย your notes look more colourful. What more is there to want in life?

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new drawing tool, I highly recommend Copic markers. They’re available at most art supplies stores or good ol’ Amazon.

What drawing tools do you use?

20 thoughts on “Drawing With Copic Markers

  1. steve says:

    Hey Millie. I don’t know if this counts as drawing, but I saw some Buddhists from Myanmar which I think is now Burma making an amazingly intricate castle or monastery with sand. There was a bunch of them working on the same project. The grains were colored and came out of a tea kettle looking thing. I saw it in a move or documentary. I forget what it was called, but the discipline and precision and all that was like my jaw dropped. I wonder if they etch-sketch erased the thing when it was finished as a sort of nothing lasts forever exercise?

    • Millie Ho says:

      I haven’t tried ProMarkers, but people that use them say they’re good for creating vibrant and long-lasting colour, so I might pick some up. Thanks for the prod!

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