An Open Love Letter

Battle of Livorno by de Velde

It started as apoplexy in the prefrontal cortex.

Everything wrong with you was fascinating.

Ideas of idealizing the idol.

Too much noise, too much fear.

Speaking candidly, I can and I did.

I take my Scylla with Charybdis.

Dissolution is not the only solution.

Tonight, everything was going to be different.

Saying goodbye was so much fun.


Millie’s Note: The image is Battle of Leghorn (Livorno) by Willem van de Velde. Fitting, no?

25 thoughts on “An Open Love Letter

  1. DePlume19 says:

    @ gold fish: It had to do with Scylla and Charrbydis. Wikipedia likened one attribute to “being on the horns of a dilemma.” I thought maybe “saying goodbye” was a resolution to a problem. I’m just getting to know Millie, so I can only take a guess, but her writing is incredible. No guess work needed. :o)

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