When Warlords Inspire Writing

Qin First Emperor

If Qin Shi Huang, the thin-mustached first emperor of China, can unite warring states, slaughter his half-siblings, exile his parents, ingest mercury pills for years and still exist, then surely I can finish these extra 500 words, put an end to this long-suffering chapter, and dot a period after the final sentence in a novel or two.

Yeah. Occasionally megalomaniac warlords give me that extra push to write.

There’s also something very writing-inducing about polished bronze weaponry and book burnings in support of Totalitarian dogma. Happy Irony Day?

Who inspires your writing?

Millie’s Note: Pillaging is bad. Usually.

9 thoughts on “When Warlords Inspire Writing

  1. bottledhobbies says:

    Truthfully, I usually just sit down and start writing. Sometimes I get really motivated when a friend asks to read a new story/
    I have to say I died of laughter when I first read this. I was thrown back from the “Warlord Inspires Writing,”

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