Tribute to Prince

Prince Purple Rain Poem

you left because
you were heavier than rain
heavier than star clusters and asteroid belts

purple vortex
you were the neocortex
your licks shattering
your vinyl spinning

the galaxies are finally big enough now
to hold your weight


Millie’s Note: RIP.

6 thoughts on “Tribute to Prince

    • Steve Myers says:

      Stumbled on a list of Sun Ra rarities, not sure if the rare has to do with its availability or the actual sound? This one more accessible than many of Ra’s recordings, to the ear that is, and somber enough for the occasion we are sadly under.

      • kvennarad says:

        JIngs, Steve, if you’d asked me who this was by (preposition at the end of phrase), the last person I would have thought of (again) would have been Sun Ra! (Ignore my parentheses, by the way, they are curlicues of irrelevance…)

        • Steve Myers says:

          The traces of Ra i sort of hear are in the violin that sounds like a theremin, to me anyway. The song also has a pleasantly disturbing feel, an almost innocence, like a lullaby gone down a different road which is often a signature of Mr. Ra’s.

  1. writingbolt says:

    Too bad the elevator broke down. I wonder how the flu did him in. It leaves me suspicious of yet another celebrity death.

    He was striving to be a unique star like Bruce Lee, trading martial arts squeals for strangely feminine ones and flamboyant outfits which made determining sexuality a bit confusing. He suffered from epilepsy early in his life and grew attached to comfort foods from his difficult youth (which did no good for his adult health/physique).

    I never was a big fan of his. I liked MJ better until his life took a weird turn and I started to hear and see things in music I had missed in my youth. Once I was mature enough to really read the lyrics of all these dazzling tunes blaring on the radio, I was more selective about who I supported. I was as confused by Prince as I was Elton John. But, after The Lion King, I grew to like some of Elton John’s music. I only have one or two Prince songs I play now and then.

    I’ve never heard of Sun Ra. ‘Sounds like an ancient Egyptian artist or Thundercats villain. 🙂

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