Where The Darkness Comes From

Millie Ho Poetry William Klein

i will tell you where the darkness comes from
from the room and the hunger
from the curfews and the knives
from the scales crusting your eyes

she will use her illusions
she will take your solutions
she will tell you her hands are tied
she will hold you under the tide

and she will triangulate
and she will strangulate
she has no benchmarks
because you gave her stretch marks

and i have lived to tell you this
because I have seen her lips turn black
seen her eyes roll back
seen her jaw fall slack

her world warps backwards
she snaps through the cracks
she is underneath now
but the darkness is back

the darkness never left

Millie’s Note: Photo by William Klein.

4 thoughts on “Where The Darkness Comes From

  1. aetherhouse says:

    You make poetry look easy, Millie. Effortlessly lyrical and gripping. I do hope you’re okay though! This was pretty dark (not that what we write is always a reflection of our status quo, of course, but sometimes it is).

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