The Way Up To Heaven

William Klein Poetry by Millie Ho

They tell me to strike while
the emotion is hot,
when the sea parts,
when the king nods.

It’s funny how my veins can pop
green and blue,
green and blue,
when the way up to heaven is really through
this cooked barrel, this gunpowder tube.

Millie’s Note: Photo by William Klein.

13 thoughts on “The Way Up To Heaven

  1. Steve Myers says:

    a song to strike up the grill, to tailgate a burger and a brat, the rains have stopped, biting, tasting, blood stream heaven! Of course, i’m reading this poem with my own ‘outside a baseball stadium’ bias. Sorry about that, but that’s what makes your poem so good, resonating a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

  2. Steve Myers says:

    I apologize Millie for clogging the reply thread, but that straight jaw homme in the picture reminded me of someone. It took me a while to know who and I had to do a google search of “Michael Douglas drug movie” to come up with the move “Traffic” to find Benicio Del Toro because there was no way I would have recalled his name, but I think I’m right, maybe a younger version of Benicio, but the lips and hmmmm sort of pose kinda look like the guy you put in the picture. A good looking choice either way. I like faces that look similar. My two favorites so far are Mr Roper (from the old TV show Three’s Company) and Pablo Picaso.

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