William Klein New York 67th Street

Temper black and radiant,
She leaves me voicemail messages on
her birthday.

Draw me things! Give me things!
You owe me things!

I awoke realizing I was a thing,
have been walking through fog bank
for some time now.

Here is a wire, child.

Play with it until you can see
a way out.


Millie’s Note: Photo by William Klein.

15 thoughts on “FOGBANK

  1. rung2diotimasladder says:

    “Fogbank” sounds like a great novel title, especially with that photo on the cover.

    “Black and radiant,” seemingly contradictory, prepares us for: “She leaves me voicemail messages on HER birthday.” I love that it’s her birthday. This sets the stage and exposes the relationship so well in so few words.

    Do poems just come to you or do you set out to write them?

    • Millie Ho says:

      Thanks, Tina! Glad you caught that sneaky pronoun. I usually write poems when an emotion strikes. When I set to write poems, I have to think really hard and possibly revise them after a day or two. When the emotion is hot, the poems write themselves. I guess it’s true for all of us. 😀

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