“Heavy Moons” Published in Gone Lawn (Issue 22)

Gone Lawn Issue 22 Cover
Gone Lawn 22 cover, Alternate Flux by Kelley Stephens.

My story “Heavy Moons”, which is about lovers, a crime, and alternate realities, is published in Gone Lawn, one of my favourite online literary journals. This story was inspired by my suburban upbringing and Thin Lizzy’s Dancing In The Moonlight, a good song for nighttime strolls.

Please check out the other writers as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Congratulations Millie,

    Way to go. I liked the story quite a bit. The ABC structure was interesting and very effective. For me it seemed to distance the action of the story, from me the reader, the way an outline, say, hints at the “real” information behind it. I’m pulled in with the precise imagery, but there is much that I don’t know.

    I liked the tension as well. When I got to the ending, I was practically holding my breath. I mean it. And they’re holding hands…great! Well done. The ambiguity of “G” is poetic.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment, Paul! I’m happy you liked it and saw something between the lines. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to sustain tension in the ABC structure when I was writing this… so I rearranged the scenarios a bunch of times and finally found an order that made sense. Editing to the rescue again!

      “F” and “G” are my favourite sections as well. In a perfect world, they would be all that mattered.

        1. I was thinking of a way to write about alternate realities without making things too complicated. All of a sudden, it hit me that I could make it multiple choice, so I did. I think that makes the story more contained and easier to process as opposed to something more “traditional”.

  2. Congrats! I truly envy your way with words. You write so evocatively. This made me smile too –

    “For we can start at the end of the street and pan over to movement in the field.”

    Still got that inner film buff in you, I see ;D

  3. I found the structure interesting. It kept me reading, wondering what was going to be the next situation. I like that the persona is not always a victim. The last line of the first section does a terrific job of providing a powerful, threatening image.

    1. Thanks for your interpretation, Michael! Yes, I tried to present the narrator in more than one role. It’s interesting to explore human interactions through writing. When I’m lucky, the scenarios mimic reality in that events don’t always unfold cleanly or unambiguously. Kind of like the previous sentence.

  4. Congratulations Millie for your great story being published and for the way you wrote it with lettered points. Had my heart beating a bit faster from the hand holding and so much anticipation. i remembered way back like a first crush, same feeling today.

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