More Experiments With Art & Illustration

Millie Ho Sketch Surreal Bunnysuit Illustration

I’ve been experimenting with a variety of art and illustration styles as part of my back to basics efforts. Most of the experimenting has been done on pen and paper, with a few digital illustrations.

Millie Ho Towel Head Surreal Illustration Art

The weird/surreal sketches come easiest to me, but I think they can be improved if I build a narrative around them, like I did for the supernatural sketches I posted a month ago. I’m still working on this.

Millie Ho SORROWBACON Cat Illustration Perish Art

Since I draw a cat comic, I also tried doing cat illustrations with a slight comic book slant. For some reason, the cat sketches in this style always come out chaotic and disorganized, but maybe that’s just the nature of me drawing cats. I’m not good at drawing calm cats.

Millie Ho Art Supernatural Office Illustration Supernatural

The above is the complete and digital version of a sketch I posted last month. I discovered that I like using bright and psychedelic colours for the final product, which I believe makes the content a little less gloomy (or maybe more gloomy by contrast).

Millie Ho Illustration Cat Eating Poison

Aaaaand here is a digital illustration of a cat binging on what looks like poison. This one was the first time I scanned a sketch and coloured it on my computer. I feel like I’m getting closer to what I want to achieve with illustration. At the moment, I think my style is like an extension of the comic I draw, infused with this kind of depressed manic energy.

I’m still figuring it out, but it’s going well so far. Sketching every day helps, so does committing to drawing weekly comics. Once I finish revising the New Story and send it off to beta readers in mid-September, I will have more time to work on the art stuff and update my portfolio. Huzzah!


Millie’s Note: Do you have a favourite art style/artist?

27 thoughts on “More Experiments With Art & Illustration

  1. rung2diotimasladder says:

    I do! My friend from high school whose name is actually Holly Wood. Her style is similar to yours in a way. What I love about her work is that I’d know it was hers if I saw it, especially because she tends to draw all people with little sagging boobs.

    Nice work here! I love the colorful drawings. They’re so intense and vibrant.

    • Millie Ho says:

      Thanks for your comment, Michelle! I might make a video of the drawing process. Not to say that will help explain it, because I don’t understand it much myself, but it’ll be more coherent than trying to explain it in words.

  2. writingbolt says:

    I’m detecting a dream world with a pinch of Alice in Wonderland, a dash of Spirited Away and a cup of The Cat Returns. A bit odd but whimsical. I sense potential in the floating objects. I am intrigued by the baker? girl wearing a face on her shirt. And, the rabbit man appears to be facing his fears going out on stage (in a dream?). Nice coloring on the ghost at the desk picture.

      • writingbolt says:

        I wish I felt more inspired and motivated to make some of my own. Right now, all I seem able to generate are simple book covers.

        I still get this feeling we’d make a decent team of some sort. The other half of me worries we’d butt heads.

  3. Steve Myers says:

    these are just awesome Millie. I love lots of things about them…the color and expression. That tangerine sherbert psychedelic wall with the octopus looking creature keeps sucking me in every time i dare to stare at it. That they grew out of the environment where you were – mind and mood – makes them very real to me, as real as any creature flying or crawling around.

    • Millie Ho says:

      Thanks Steve! I like your description of creatures flying/crawling around. I’m working on bringing more movement to the drawings, so it’s good to hear that you see some of that here. More art to come. 🙂

  4. Howlisher says:

    Love your use of colours in the digital pieces! As for my favourite artist…. I guess it depends on mood, but one name springs to mind- if you don’t know them already has some amazing artwork and often a semi surreal style aswell. I feel like I see something new each time I go back!

      • Howlisher says:

        I’m sure that had be their inspiration for that piece (sometimes their ‘fanart’ can be quite interpretive so I’m never sure if it’s straight up fanart). Aw thank you for looking at my artwork, I really appreciate that! I’ve pretty much had to focus on Christmas present stuff this month so I’m looking forward to getting back at it all in the new year.

        Are you on DA or Instagram? Would love to follow your stuff if it’s hosted elsewhere aswell 🙂

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