The Particulars

Millie Ho Poetry The Particulars

I gnaw through blue fingers
raised in a half salute.

Let’s dissect the particulars.

The thread is loose
pull it out.

Crash and sail,
crash and sail.

It’s the fall now
so you’re out.

It’s easy to slip,
slip and slide,
cut and glide.

It’s the fall now
and I’m out.

Switch the order,
kneel and


Millie’s Note: I wrote this in the throes of my final Draft Three revision/editing efforts (which is due next week, ahhhh). This poem relates to the novel, and I decided to entertain the flash of inspiration and just write it down. So here it is.

11 thoughts on “The Particulars

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    the poem is interesting to read and re-read. each stanza makes sense on its own. and there is a sense of chronological order. the stanza “It’s easy to slip,/ slip and slide,/ cut and glide” effectively uses repetition and rhyme.

    • Millie Ho says:

      Thanks for your comment, Michael! I’m glad you think this is interesting to re-read. I didn’t know until after I’d written it that the words are indeed in a kind of order, which seems fitting now that I think of it (dissection without order would be chaos).

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