I Now Have a Facebook Page

By November 1, 2016 2 Comments
Millie Ho Cat Vomit Art Sketch Illustration

“Cat Vomit”, a pen sketch.

This is just a quick note about how I now have a Facebook page.

If you’re interested in getting updates about what I learned about writing, illustrating, or my novel-writing progress, you can follow me here:


I’m currently moving and travelling, but I’m nearly settled down and will be back to blogging soon!

Hope you’re well.

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  • Paul says:

    Your Facebook page looks good! Now, having said that, I have to admit that I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of my Facebook page. Facebook has been a great source of fun but also a HUGE source of junk.

    Be ready for all kinds of stuff hopefully that will be true responses to your creative, intelligent, artistic life, but I fear some will have much to do with your being a young, lovely, female.

    I have no doubt that you know how to handle that sort of thing, but well, maybe my greatest fear is that you’ll forget us bloggers! I feel like the old farmer on his front porch waving his hand in the air, “Ya’ll come on back now!”

    • Millie Ho says:

      Thanks for your comment, Paul! I do plan on blogging more and keeping a more regular schedule, so the FB page is just a way to separate the writing/illustrating stuff from the webcomic stuff. I will be on WordPress indefinitely. Looking forward to your new posts!

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