“Shrinkage” Published in Joyland Magazine

"Shrinkage" by Millie Ho in Joyland Magazine

Super thrilled and honoured that my short story “Shrinkage” is now published in Joyland Magazine! This story was inspired by my summers working in retail, and is about secrets between friends and how silence leads to shame (and vice versa). Edited by the fabulous Kathryn Mockler.

Some of my favourites from Joyland include:

Please check them out, and happy reading!

15 thoughts on ““Shrinkage” Published in Joyland Magazine

  1. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    Wow. Excellent story, Millie. I love how you never described the actual incident, only referred to it in subtle but powerful details (the seatbelt, etc). That made it all the darker and more compelling.

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