“Dangers of Memory” Speed Drawing Process

Aw ye, another drawing process video. This illustration is called “Dangers of Memory”, and features a sad kid, lush vegetation, and a looming threat in the distance. I drew this mainly to practice drawing grass and shadowing faces, but I soon got hypnotized with the monster in the back, hehe.

Tools used:

  1. Copic markers.
  2. Faber-Castell black pens (must restock!).
  3. Trusty sketchbook.

The total drawing time was an hour and forty minutes.

"Dangers of Memory" Horror Art by Millie Ho

“Dangers of Memory”, pen on paper.

I’m headed to China for Chinese New Year, which would be a first for me. The last time coincided with a funeral, so there wasn’t much celebrating (though loads of dumplings were consumed). I’m looking forward to it this time around.

Have a good week!

9 thoughts on ““Dangers of Memory” Speed Drawing Process

  1. Marie Marshall says:

    I loved watching this – it’s brill!

    Occasionally I try drawing stuff to illustrate a poem or a post. However, whenever I draw an outline and then fill in around it with black, the thing I outlined seems to shrink and the black overwhelms it. You never seem to have this trouble.

    When I bother to draw something now, it’s inevitably abstract.

    • Millie Ho says:

      Thanks for sharing, Marie! I think an abstract drawing, especially one with an overwhelming amount of black, can heighten a poem. Kind of like a photo negative, showing two sides to one story.

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