Millie HoWho are you?

I’m a writer and illustrator from Toronto. I draw your dark side at Creepify Me.


I grew up reading Stephen King novels, drawing way too many cats, and making fandom merchandise when my parents wouldn’t buy me the real thing. My family moved around a lot and didn’t believe in cable, so I had to entertain myself. Luckily, this involved tons of writing and drawing, which kept me out of trouble and made me realize early on what makes me happy.

I graduated with an Honors Business Administration degree from The University of Western Ontario and worked in the business field. To de-stress, I started doodling a webcomic called SORROWBACON. In 2016, I decided to throw myself completely into what I truly, truly love—so I packed my things, started travelling, and have been challenging myself to grow as a writer and artist ever since.

Why Do What You Do?


I have an impulse to examine the unseen horrors of everyday life. What power struggles and injustices are lurking under the veneer of normalcy? What do we stand to gain or lose when we kill off the strange and wonderful parts of ourselves in order to fit in? There are two sides (and perhaps a third, unknowable side) to every story, and I’m constantly trying to find the best way to tell them.


I’m intrigued by contradictory emotions. Perhaps it’s an unsettling feeling I want to pin down, some delicious memory or nagging ache I can’t seem to understand except by drawing it out. Aesthetically, I’m all about juxtaposition. I love baroque and street art, dark and pastel colours, mixing the grotesque with the soft and cute, the old with the new. By embracing and exploring contrasts in my illustrations, I hope to communicate all facets of an idea and create maximum emotional impact.