Millie Ho

Millie Ho is a writer and illustrator. She draws your dark side at Creepify Me. Her work appears in Fireside Fiction, Uncanny Magazine, LampLight Magazine, and others. She enjoys travelling and divides her time between Canada and Asia.


Millie was born in China, raised in The Six, and spent her childhood doodling many cats, devouring Stephen King novels, and making anime fandom merchandise. After graduating with an Honors Business Administration (HBA) degree from the Ivey Business School at Western University, she worked in the business field while drawing SORROWBACON, a cat webcomic. In late 2016, she packed her bags and started travelling through Asia, where she has been challenging herself to grow as a writer and artist ever since.

Why Write?

Millie has an impulse to examine the unseen horrors of everyday life. What power struggles and injustices are lurking under the veneer of normalcy? What do we stand to gain or lose when we kill off the strange and wonderful parts of ourselves in order to fit in? There are two sides (and perhaps a third, unknowable side) to every story, and she’s constantly trying to find the best way to tell them.

Why Draw?

Millie draws to pin down conflicting feelings that cannot be understood or expressed any other way. Aesthetically, she’s all about juxtaposition. Millie loves dark and pastel colours, mixing the grotesque with the cute, the old with the new. By embracing and exploring contrasts in her illustrations, she hopes to communicate all facets of an idea and create maximum emotional impact.