About Millie


I’m a writer, illustrator, and webcomic maker from Toronto. I use this blog and my YouTube channel to document what I learned about writing from both the writing process and from books, TV shows, and films. I also post short fiction, poetry, art, and random thoughts.

For years, I worked on a Long-Suffering Manuscript and made a ton of mistakes. I experimented with odd writing methods, edited my many drafts into bloody, perfection-driven pulps, tweaked and re-tweaked characterizations and eventually suffered a creative burnout of such colossal magnitude that I sought shelter in a foreign county and quit blogging for months before digging out the keyboard again.

Then I had a wakeup call and finally found a writing process that worked for me. A brief timeline:

  • 2009: Spent a summer churning out a 77,000 word novel that would later get rejected by literary agents for “lacking a strong voice”.
  • 2010: Worked on my writing skills in university by competing in writing and poetry competitions.
  • 2011: Realized, after watching Ryan Gosling drown a mobster in a lake in Drive, that neo-noir was my jam.
  • 2013: Wrote a YA story for a creative thesis class. This book will become the Long-Suffering Manuscript.

In 2016, I realized I needed to write something that hit closer to home. So I put the Long-Suffering Manuscript on hold and started a more honest story, something that I would want to read. Lots more learnings to come. Thanks for coming on the journey!


58 thoughts on “About Millie

  1. artmakerjmayfield says:

    I find this particular image haunting in such an intriguing way. I want to know more, see more. I love the use of black and white, as well as positive and negative space. The girl in the background is almost like a comic relief; giving the piece a humorous appeal. I look forward to seeing more work by you.

  2. Paul J. Stam says:

    Thank you for visiting Paper, Mud and Me. Glad you liked that last chapter from “The Nurse.” You will understand her a lot better if you read the book from Chapter 1.
    Don’t give up on either of your dreams or art and writing. I wish you all the best.

  3. Chris Biscuits says:

    Hi Millie, I hope you’re well. I’d like to congratulate you on your skill with verse. I usually find poetry a bit opaque or too personalised to really connect with, but there’s something about you that really works for me. Bravo!

  4. Sian Mann says:

    You write so effortlessly, I love your style! And your sketches are awesome as well. Looking forward to reading more from you (:

  5. urkeramik says:

    I tried to contact you 20 years ago
    but you wasn’t here.
    The day after tomorrow I found you
    but I was gone away.
    For now one thing to say:
    nice to know you anywhere out there.

  6. thisoldtoad2014 says:

    i have been following reading your work, now find out that you are well educated, however disappointed that you’re in Toronto… i check out your BIO in hope that you were in Vancouver, nonetheless you’re a Canadian….

    All the Best!

  7. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    Hello Millie. I am thinking about writing, because mine sucks. In fact, I cannot stand my own. I am working mentally, to a more expressive type of conversation. This is why, I am looking at literally devices and expressions. Good work Miss Millie (I am assuming) :)

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