Writing The Emotionally Complex Character

Mello Death Note
My definition of an emotionally complex character might be different from yours.

My version of emotionally complex is the trigger-happy maverick with everything to lose. Think Darth Vader, Eric Cartman, or Mello from Death Note. These are antihero knuckle-biters and inferiority complex demonizers, and they take the plot to new heights with their impulsivity and broken moral compasses.

But how do you write an emotionally complex character?  Continue reading

The Writing Process Blog Tour: Why Do I Write?

Millie Ho young

1998, at the beach, still not happy.

Many thanks to Tina Forsee from The Leather Library for inviting me to join the Writing Process Blog Tour! 

Why Do I Write What I Do?

I moved around a lot as a kid. There was never a stable set of friends or a sense of security. My parents were supportive of my creative ambitions, but I couldn’t share my ideas with them because they were either too busy or didn’t “get it”. Continue reading