Plotting Fiction: Process, Narrative, Believability

I love chatting with other writers, especially writers that challenge my beliefs and way of doing things. There’s usually always creative friction, unexpected insights, and, of course, a sense that this writing a book thing isn’t just a personal insanity (bonus!).

I had the pleasure of speaking with D.R. Sylvester, an aspiring Australian writer of science fiction, fantasy, and space pirates. We chatted about our respective work-in-progress novels, and break down the mechanics behind how we plot and inject believability into narratives that contain supernatural or out-of-this-world elements.  Continue reading

What Alice Munro Taught Me About Writing

What Alice Munro Taught Me About Writing

A good article on how to start reading Alice Munro.

After Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize in Literature, she said something that stuck with me to this day:

“I expected to be famous some day. This is because I lived in a very small town and there was nobody who liked the same things I did, like writing, and so I just thought naturally, some day I’m going to write books, and it happened.”

Munro’s self-affirmation is admirable. As a writer who started in the microcosm of small town southwestern Ontario, the idea of making a living from writing and being known internationally was in the realm of fantasy. The fact that she accomplished all that and more is remarkable.

She’s talented, that’s a given, but I think Alice Munro’s greatest weapon has been her focus.
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Interview with Millie Ho

Millie Ho:

Author and blogger Jonas Lee and I discussed writing, genres, favourite characters, and the state of Young Adult fiction today.

Check out the video and visit Jonas’ blog and YouTube channel for more writerly fun!

Originally posted on Jonas Lee:

Today I had the pleasure of doing an interview with someone brand new and from the lovely country of Canada. The insightful Millie Ho was able to take some time with me this weekend and debate a few of the finer things with reading and writing. Come take a look and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and check out Millie’s page, channel, social media…well, everything.

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How to Overcome Writing Perfectionism Using Empathy

This is the third installment of the I’m Writing A Book series.

I’ve written about writing perfectionism in the past, and since then, I’ve come to terms with the fact that writing perfectionism is always going to be a part of my personality. It’s not so much about killing the perfectionism as it is about managing it.

And the best way to do this, as I outline in the video, is to use a little empathy: Continue reading