The Writing Process Blog Tour: Why Do I Write?

Millie Ho young

1998, at the beach, still not happy.

Many thanks to Tina Forsee from The Leather Library for inviting me to join the Writing Process Blog Tour! 

Why Do I Write What I Do?

I moved around a lot as a kid. There was never a stable set of friends or a sense of security. My parents were supportive of my creative ambitions, but I couldn’t share my ideas with them because they were either too busy or didn’t “get it”. Continue reading

3 Reasons To Write In First Person

Millie Ho Short Story

The abandoned short story that made me switch sides.

First person vs. third person: which should you write?

That question had me bleeding all over the place, writing and re-writing my manuscript to make it this way or that. I was writing in the third person for my YA novel for the longest time, and have now officially switched teams.

Here are my reasons for switching to the first person narrative: Continue reading