Why I Watch Movies While Writing A Book

Millie Ho Writing Desk

My current writing set-up.

I started incorporating movies into my writing routine recently.

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Instead of writing to music as I normally would’ve done, I drag my manuscript to the monitor and open a movie on my laptop. And then I write, typity type type, until my eyes and ears can’t take it anymore or my hands fall off.

Now, watching a movie while you’re writing might sound like a terrible idea, but please hear me out.

There are three advantages to this method: Continue reading

Making A Webcomic From Ideation To Execution

Millie Ho Webcomic

Idea Map for Friend Badger‘s design.

When I first started SORROWBACON, I couldn’t find any resources online that gave me insight on how webcomics were made, so when I finally made my own webcomic, I promised myself that I would document my process so that others can benefit in some way.

So here it is: making a webcomic, from ideation to execution.

1. Ideation

This is the most difficult part. Now, I know my strengths, specifically that I’m capable of seeing one idea in multiple ways, but the downside of visualizing so many possibilities at once is that your brain starts to sputter after a while and you get mad analysis paralysis. So I switched gears and started making Big Picture Idea Maps. Continue reading