Which Songs Inspire Novels?

Jackie Brown Gun
When you hear the perfect song, the words will form. It’s not necessarily the critical acclaim or the singing quality that drives you to push pen into paper, but rather the narrative in the song that make it almost criminal not to document the song in a story.

My writing inspiration comes from gritty music. Vagabonds, junkies, and mavericks inspire writing like no other. It makes sense, given my affinity with neo-noir. Jazz, death metal, or synthpop are good for getting into the groove of writing, but the songs below just plain inspire me to write a novel: Continue reading

Overcoming Perfectionism As A Writer

Chuck Palahniuk by John Gress

I blame my perfectionism as a writer on Chuck Palahniuk.

It started with me swallowing everything that came out of his head, from Survivor to Haunted to obscure interviews he gave about incidents like that one time the San Francisco Cacophony Society attempted to kidnap him in a Fight Club inspired stunt.

But most of all, it was when I started emulating his writing style that the perfectionism thing really bloomed. Continue reading