How to Overcome Writing Perfectionism Using Empathy

This is the third installment of the I’m Writing A Book series.

I’ve written about writing perfectionism in the past, and since then, I’ve come to terms with the fact that writing perfectionism is always going to be a part of my personality. It’s not so much about killing the perfectionism as it is about managing it.

And the best way to do this, as I outline in the video, is to use a little empathy: Continue reading

Writing and Love, it’s About Control

Writing Control

I captured this during university in London. Now I realize what was missing.

I was speaking with a friend recently about why people, particularly creative types, become unable to create something they know they’re perfectly capable of creating. I think it’s because when people create something, they’re putting a part of themselves out there, and because the work is an extension of themselves, they often get too invested in it.

In short, we care too much.

I used to think writing perfectionism was all about quality control, but control can really only come from a place of love. Continue reading

Why Closure is Important in Cliffhangers

I’ve always wondered how Breaking Bad managed to get away with so many cliffhanger episode endings AND leave us with a feeling of completeness at the same time.

After re-watching the series for the second time, I think I have the answer: closure.

When I first started writing my Long-Suffering Manuscript, I thought closure was only possible at the end of the story, after the protagonist defeated the antagonist, reclaimed lost turf, reconciled with loved ones, etc, but that’s not true at all. Continue reading

3 Challenges of Writing the First 10,000 Words

This is the second installment of the I’m Writing A Book series.

I finish writing 10,000 words of my book this past weekend. The worst part (before the bloodbath that is editing) is over.

I made a video of the three challenges I always face when I start a new draft, plus the tricks and solutions I used to finish the first 10,000 words. Here’s a summary of the three challenges and how I got through them: Continue reading