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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

By March 10, 2014 23 Comments

Comet Dark Sky

Inspiration is a streak falling from the sky.

Art Museum Old Man Looking At Statue

Inspiration is good timing.

Boy Sitting On Cliff

Inspiration is thinking you’re special.

Nun On Bus

Inspiration is a sneaky glance.

Guitarist Walking Out Tunnel

Inspiration is leaving home.

Totoro Face on Box

Inspiration is seeing Totoro everywhere.

Ambulance At Night

Inspiration is danger at night.

Eat Babushka Dolls

Inspiration is all the babushka dolls you can eat.

Bouncers Posing

Inspiration is bouncers looking stereotypical.

Two Boys Sitting In Parking Lot

Inspiration is wondering if you’ll miss places like this.

White Lab Dog Sitting

Or friends like this.

Beautiful Rainbow At Dusk

Inspiration is everywhere.

Millie’s Note: Photos taken in Canada and Europe!

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