Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Comet Dark Sky

Inspiration is a streak falling from the sky.

Art Museum Old Man Looking At Statue

Inspiration is good timing.

Boy Sitting On Cliff

Inspiration is thinking you’re special.

Nun On Bus

Inspiration is a sneaky glance.

Guitarist Walking Out Tunnel

Inspiration is leaving home.

Totoro Face on Box

Inspiration is seeing Totoro everywhere.

Ambulance At Night

Inspiration is danger at night.

Eat Babushka Dolls

Inspiration is all the babushka dolls you can eat.

Bouncers Posing

Inspiration is bouncers looking stereotypical.

Two Boys Sitting In Parking Lot

Inspiration is wondering if you’ll miss places like this.

White Lab Dog Sitting

Or friends like this.

Beautiful Rainbow At Dusk

Inspiration is everywhere.

Millie’s Note: Photos taken in Canada and Europe!

23 thoughts on “Where Does Inspiration Come From?

  1. Marcia Strykowski says:

    Lovely photographs. The first one made me think of Mark Twain who was born soon after Halley’s comet appeared and then died soon after it made its next appearance 76 years later. Inspiration is all around us.

    • Millie Ho says:

      The Halley’s comet was interesting, perhaps more so by Twain’s own admission that he’ll go out with it the same way he came in. Inspiration is making the ordinary seem extraordinary.

  2. Chris Edgar says:

    Beautiful photos. Inspiration is definitely an unpredictable thing, in my experience — I got inspired to create my web series when I was on a plane from Boston to San Francisco, even though being on planes ranks among the things I would least like to experience. I guess planes do require me to sit in one place for a long period of time, and that seems to nourish creativity, for better or worse.

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