Drawing a SORROWBACON Webcomic

I planned to write about my writing progress this month, but I’m enjoying the process so much that I’m going to enjoy it a bit more before dishing. So here’s a video of me drawing and painting a SORROWBACON comic strip instead. The completed comic is here.

I started experimenting with longer comic stories (more than five panels, as is my usual) and more “honest” narratives. “Honest” is in quotes because I’m still not sure if that’s the right term. It’s hard to be honest in storytelling without being vulnerable first, and being vulnerable is still something I’m working on, in both my everyday life and in my writing/webcomic life.

We don’t often see how content creators make things, so I thought this video, along with an old post I wrote on making a webcomic from ideation to execution, can fill in these gaps for those who are curious.

The drawing/painting/scanning/editing/uploading process actually took around three hours, though it felt like it lasted as quickly as the two minute video. Time passes quickly when you’re having fun!

Hope your November is going well. To all the NaNoWriMo writers—hang in there! Just five more days until you’re finally able to get some precious shut-eye.

11 thoughts on “Drawing a SORROWBACON Webcomic

  1. aetherhouse says:

    Artists fascinate me, and you are no different. Are you self taught at all that shading and pen art, or did attend some classes while growing up? I’m amazed at how artists always know exactly how to put their vision on paper. I envy it!

    • Millie Ho says:

      I’m self taught. I tried taking some classes when I was a kid but the classes consisted of sitting in a room and quietly sketching spheres for 40 minutes (brutal!). So I went back to basics and continued to copy what I saw on TV (mainly cartoons and anime) and got into painting in high school. I had some great teachers and classmates who inspired and challenged me, so I suppose I was taught only in the sense of absorbing their advice.

      I think art is a lot like writing—tons of intuition and gut feeling!

  2. rung2diotimasladder says:

    Damn girl. You’re awesome.

    I can’t draw, but I like the idea of making a comic book as a way of outlining my novel. I might try that. It could help with visualization (although, I think in my case it would have to be a collage-comic with photos.)

    I’d actually be really happy if mine turned out like this:

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