Drawing a SORROWBACON Webcomic

Here’s a video of me drawing and painting a SORROWBACON comic strip. The completed comic is here. Filling in the gaps for those who are curious!


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  1. Artists fascinate me, and you are no different. Are you self taught at all that shading and pen art, or did attend some classes while growing up? I’m amazed at how artists always know exactly how to put their vision on paper. I envy it!

    1. I’m self taught. I tried taking some classes when I was a kid but the classes consisted of sitting in a room and quietly sketching spheres for 40 minutes (brutal!). So I went back to basics and continued to copy what I saw on TV (mainly cartoons and anime) and got into painting in high school. I had some great teachers and classmates who inspired and challenged me, so I suppose I was taught only in the sense of absorbing their advice.

      I think art is a lot like writing—tons of intuition and gut feeling!

  2. Damn girl. You’re awesome.

    I can’t draw, but I like the idea of making a comic book as a way of outlining my novel. I might try that. It could help with visualization (although, I think in my case it would have to be a collage-comic with photos.)

    I’d actually be really happy if mine turned out like this:

    1. Cool video! Thanks for sharing. It reminds me a bit of The Far Side (if you’re into dark and understated surreal humor): http://tinyurl.com/gvke9pz

      If you ever make a comic book to outline your novel, please let me know. It’ll be interesting to see how your ideas translate visually and verbally.

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