“3D-Printed Brother” Published in Strange Horizons

I’m excited to announce that my poem “3D-Printed Brother” is now available to read in Strange Horizons! This poem is part of the Strange Horizons 2019 Kickstarter campaign.

This poem was inspired by childhood summers spent in Scarborough. Those were good summers: I wrote fan fiction,  made Clow Cards, doodled cats and hung out with kids from the neighbourhood, who all seemed to come in pairs of two or more siblings. Due to China’s one-child policy, which was still in effect when I was born, I was (and still am) an only child. I wasn’t exactly lonely, but I did wonder what it would be like to have a younger sibling—like my friends had—who would look up to me and go along with whatever scheme I cooked up. At one point, I was supposed to have a kid brother, but that didn’t happen. I still think about him from time to time, so this poem is a kind of alternate reality, a reimagining of a possibility from the past, brought to life in a future where 3D-printing could give you the sibling you wished for.

Here are other poems from Strange Horizons that I loved:

Happy reading! And best of luck to those doing NaNoWriMo this month. 🙂

“The Designs of Designer Baby” Published in Uncanny Magazine

Uncanny Magazine (Issue Nineteen)

My poem “The Designs of Designer Baby” is available to read in Uncanny Magazine! The poem is about reclaiming your identity after living for other people all your (very, very long) life.

I got the idea for it after I read a news story about scientists editing the genomes of human embryos to make them perfect. Why did this hit me so hard? I didn’t know, but the idea burrowed into my mind and refused to leave. It was only after I started travelling around Asia that I realized what I wanted to say. In Ho Chi Minh City, I visited the War Remnants Museum. It was a deeply emotional experience, and I’m still processing what I saw. That experience, among other ones—like going to China and seeing, with my now-adult eyes, how certain family dynamics get passed down from generation to generation—shaped the poem into what it became.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from this issue:

Happy reading!

“The Patrol” Published in LampLight Magazine

"The Patrol" by Millie Ho, in LampLight Magazine

My horror story “The Patrol” is now available to read in LampLight Magazine! I’m excited to be included in LampLight, which has published some of my favourite SF/F and horror writers like Kristi DeMeester and Rahul Kanakia.

I wrote “The Patrol” last November, right before I started travelling through Asia. The theme of the story, which is about family secrets and small town horror, was inspired by my own feelings about leaving Toronto and plunging into the unknown. I poured my fears into the story, and am proud of how it turned out—and so honoured that LampLight liked it, too.

If you enjoy dark fiction, please consider supporting LampLight by buying a copy below: